Contracting Vehicles

EMI Services provides Facilities Maintenance and Management under our GSA schedule GS-06F-0026P.

03FAC   Facilities Maintenance and Management
                811-002    Complete Facilities Maintenance
                811-003    Complete Facilities Management
                811-004    Electrical, and all Utility Services limited to Facility Maintenance
                811-005    Refrigeration, Heating, Ventilation, AC, Boiler and Chiller HVAC Maintenance


Current Contracts

MCB Camp Lejeune

At Marine Corps Base Camp Lejeune and outlying properties in North Carolina, EMI performs base operating support services in the following areas: Management and Administration, Facilities Support, Facilities Investment, Street Sweeping and Snow Removal, and Base Support Vehicles and Equipment.



NAF El Centro

At Naval Air Facility El Centro, CA, AOC Support Services, LLC, a joint venture of American Operations Corporation and EMI Services, performs base operation support services including: Management and Administration, Ground Electronics, Airfield Facilities, Passenger Terminal and Cargo Handling, Supply, Morale Welfare and Recreation, Bachelor Quarters, Facility Management, Facility Investment, Janitorial, Pest Control, Swimming Pools, Grounds Maintenance, Street Sweeping, Electrical, Gas, Wastewater, Water, Base Support Vehicles and Equipment, and Environmental.  



Air Combat Command Primary Training Ranges

EMI provides OM&S for the PTR contract, administered by the USAF Air Combat Command. PTR includes air-to-ground bombing and gunnery, remote threat emitters, mission data processing, weapons impact and Electronic Combat Scoring.  All PTR employees maintain secret security clearances.

EMI is the PTR prime contractor ensuring continued outstanding service to the USAF through 2017. These training ranges provide a diverse variety of munitions delivery training for air and ground crews of the Air Force, Army, Navy and Marine Corps as well as our valued NATO allies. PTR consists of five Bombing & Gunnery ranges, two Electronic Scoring Sites, one Electronic Combat Range (ECR), a satellite to the ECR and the Range Instrumentation and Integration System site.