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NAF El Centro receives the Zumwalt Award for providing extraordinary customer service

Congratulations to the AOC Support Services Team (AOC EMI JV) at El Centro for once again achieving the highest level of excellence in the Zumwalt competition. This accreditation is the result of significant efforts by all staff members and especially Housekeeping, a dedication to continuous improvement and a zealous desire to be recognized as among the very best. Robert and his staff deserve a hearty “Bravo Zulu” for their achievement.

The Zumwalt Award is named after Admiral Elmo R. Zumwalt. He was the youngest officer to assume the post of Chief of Naval Operations. He was very instrumental in the challenges of achieving excellence for our sailors. The program for excellence started back in the 70's. The NGIS Accreditation Program recognizes those operations that meet standards for amenities, Facilities and customer satisfaction (i.e. providing extraordinary customer service) Operations achieving the Five-Star level and the Admiral Elmo R. Zumwalt Award is the ultimate in lodging operations. The ratings are the results of a thorough and detailed accreditation process which is mandatory for all VQ operations, and includes an unannounced validation visit by a Commander, Navy Installations Command (CNIC) accreditation team, as well as specific performance standards for facilities, services and fiscal management.

Outstanding Service at MCAS Camp Lejeune

Letter from the Marine Corps Community Service







EMI responded to a 7.2 magnitude earthquake at NAS El Centro

Letter from Department of the Navy







EPA Energy Star Award

The Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) recently awarded ENERGY STAR labels to six federal facilities within the Mid-Atlantic Region, including:

* Federal Building, Richmond, VA

These ENERGY STAR designations recognize GSAs efforts to manage the facilities through measures that reduce energy consumption and costs. All six of these buildings score well above EPA's minimum requirements. The ENERGY STAR label is given to public and private buildings and homes, as well as products, which meet strict energy performance guidelines.


SBA Administrators Award for Excellence

In recognition of outstanding contribution and service to the nation by a small business in satisfying the needs of the Federal procurement system



Small Business Subcontractor of the Year

This award recognizes integrity, initiative a capability in meeting important government requirements in complying with exacting standards of government subcontracting.



He and his dedicated team not only responded to all their normal day-to-day requirements in support of base operations. They also effectively tackled all the additional duties piled on in preparation for and during the arrival of all the federal, state and local emergency response agencies.

James L. Melin, Brig Gen, USAFR Commander


Linda has spent many long hours in the receiving area ensuring that trucks were offloaded. The items were accounted for and processed correctly. Thanks to application of her experience and expertise in the Receiving Unit, EMIf should be proud to have her on their team.

SAMMIE D. MCDONALD, DAFC, Base Supply Accountable Officer


Roland A. Perez

2007 AO/AQE Award
In recognition of demonstrated standard of performance that is a credit to both you and the Air Force




Linda Houston

2007 AO/AQE Award
In recognition of demonstrated standard of performance that is credit to both you and the Air Force


I want to take this opportunity to commend SSI/EMI on doing an outstanding job of cleaning up the 90-day Hazardous Waste (HW) yard. I'm confident that we're ready for any regulatory inspection of "our" HW yard.

Walt Scherer
Chief, Environmental Engineering Flight