Service & Solutions: Supply & Warehouse

Supply & Warehouse

EMI has provided complete Base Supply Services for three Air Force Reserve Command Bases that include: Niagara Falls IAP/ARS, New York; March ARB, California and Homestead ARB, Florida. We use the Air Force Standard Base Supply System to provide comprehensive supply support that encompasses ordering, receiving, delivery and warehousing of all the supplies used on these DoD installations. 

  • Receiving Services from Commercial Carriers
  • Inspection of Received Materials
  • X-Ray Examination of Packaged Items
  • Stock Control Functions
  • Equipment Management
  • Supply Store Operations
  • Delivery to Customers
  • Warehouse Storage Operations
  • Issue of Supplies and Materials
  • Property Inventories
  • Excess Property Removal
  • Hazardous Materials Management
  • Mobility Bag Management
  • War Reserve Stock Management
  • Weapons Storage and Issue