Welcome to EMI

EMI Services (EMI) was incorporated in 1989 and has performed a broad range of maintenance and services contracts. Throughout EMI's more than 30 years, the company has earned a solid reputation of quality performance by meeting and exceeding customer expectations and for performing within budget. In 2011, EMI was purchased by TechFlow and developed into its largest operating business unit. In 2016, TechFlow and EMI became a 100% employee owned corporation.

EMI continues to grow rapidly by providing superior Base Operating Services and leveraging innovation at large DOD installations. Its success can be attributed to the wealth of experience brought by its leadership team, the quality of personnel chosen to fill key staff positions, and a culture of accountability that focuses on being always ahead of issues. 

EMI offers unique expertise in performing base operation support services, facilities maintenance, logistics and engineering services for Government agencies at all levels, as well as large commercial clients. EMI has grown by instilling an entrepreneurial confidence in its employees and gaining the trust of customers through its ability to deliver. Through strong team building exercises and employee empowerment initiatives, EMI employees have gained a reputation for providing outstanding, economical support with an emphasis on excellent customer services.  EMI has a proven track record for delivering top quality services to the US Marine Corps, US Navy, US Army and US Air Force, as well as to other federal and private sector customers.

EMI corporate offices are in Idaho Falls, Idaho which provides comprehensive administrative, human resources, safety, and accounting for all support contracts.  TechFlow corporate headquarters is located in San Diego, CA.  TechFlow and EMI are a 100% employee-owned corporation.